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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this thursday, july 8th. spy swap? are owl those suspected spies about to be sent back to russia, in a sort of cold war era trade-off? a missed opportunity in the jaycee dugard case. evidence that she could have been rescued well before her captivity ended. and in custody. the so-called grim sleeper suspect in california. dna evidence helped police make a long-awaited arrest. good morning. and thanks for being with us on this thursday. well, it is a deal that could have come right from the page of a spy novel. >> those suspected russian spies being sent home in exchange for the freedom of american agents being held in russia.
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and we're told it could all happen in a matter of hours. >> sonia gallego joins us from london with the latest on all the intrigue. good morning, sonia. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. we're expected to receive information on the ten detained in the u.s. on spying allegations. the trade-off is reported to be four others imprisoned in russia. a nuclear weapon scientists who was detained in 2004. all accused of spying for the u.s. all ten suspects were moved to new york, reportedly in anticipation of a release. this mother and brother told abc news in moscow, said he had been given an offer he could not refuse. and was sent to england regardless. the deal was cut after a series of meetings at the russian ambassador's residence between the ambassador and the u.s.
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diplomat. >> did the spy case come up? likely, it did. am i going to get into details? no. >> reporter: what of those arrested who were not naturalized russians. the relatives of one of the detainees, peruvian born vicky pelaez. but the judge recommended she wait in custody. her lawyer says that pelaez wants to appear in court and has absolutely no interest in going to russia. >> as far as i know, she would absolutely have no desire to go to russia. >> reporter: also what is to be worked out is what would happen to the children of the murphys, who lived in montclair, new jersey. they are u.s.-born naturalized citizens and are of grade school age. a move to russia would further complicate the matter. such highly-publicized spy swaps haven't been seen since the days of the cold war. the last one took place 24 years
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ago, when a human rights activist and three agents were exchanged in berlin for five agents. >> an interesting case. sonia gallego from london. thank you. last evening's commute in southern california got off to a shaky start, literally, when an earthquake rumbled through the region. it was 5.4, which is a moderate quake. >> a 5.4 earthquake is probably big enough to crack plaster and break glass and knock things off shelves. but we would be surprised to find reports of structural damage. >> we thought somebody was inside doing something weird. and so, we're like, what's going on? all of a sudden, the whole ground started going in a wave. and we could feel it moving our chairs. >> dozens of aftershocks didn't help already rattled nerves. new documents show there were missed opportunities to
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rescue kidnap victim jaycee dugard. california parole agents spoke to dugard and one of her daughters while they were captive. california has agreed to pay the dugard family $20 million for failing to properly supervise their alleged kidnapper. and the main suspect in the kidnapping of a missouri girl shot himself as police areached. the as yet unidentified man was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. 4-year-old alisa maier was found tuesday, at a st. louis car wash. the blistering heat wave that's hitting the eastern seaboard, is hitting the electric grid. the heat is taking a toll on train service. some commuter lines are running at slower speeds. others have been canceled altogether, over fears the heat is warping the tracks. now, to the question so many of us have been asking, when will conditions finally cool
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off? >> accuweather's jeannette calle has the forecast. >> there is some relief on the way for areas near the coast. with the easterly flow, we're going to see temperatures making it more so into the light 90s today. on wednesday, temperatures in new york city, philadelphia and d.c. reached around 100 degrees. notice temperatures across the region. 94 in syracuse and burlington. but 90 degrees in new york city. 84 in boston. and washington, d.c. around 94 degrees. the entire region will see a significant cooldown late week into the weekend. that's this boundary coming in from the west. not only is it going to bring a big cooldown. it's also going to bring some beneficial rainfall. late into the weekend into early next week. meanwhile, we have a heat wave ending in the northeast, but one starting in the northwest. portland, oregon, later today, reaching a high near 100 degrees. 90 for seattle and spokane.
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vinita, jeremy, back to you guys? now, for the rest of the morning's weather. a tropical depression which could intensify will bring rain and floods to eastern texas. thunderstorms from new mexico into colorado. and rain in south florida. >> 90s from miami to baltimore today. mid-80s in kansas city, omaha and minneapolis. phoenix hits 109. sacramento's 90 today. boise, 93. when we come back, more bad weather causing more problems for the oil cleanup in the gulf. frustration amongst officials there is growing. and it is decision day for lebron james. tonight, we'll know for sure where he is going to play next season. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's new beneful incredibites. uh-huh! it's just the way you like it-- made with wholesome grains, real beef, even carrots and peas. you love the smaller-size, easy-to-chew kibbles, and i love the carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles.
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welcome back. overseas stocks are soaring this morning after a big rally on wall street. the dow shot up nearly 275 points wednesday, climbing back above the 10,000 mark. financial stocks got a boost from an upbeat forecast from state street bank, which helped relieve some fears among investors about the upcoming quarterly earnings season. this morning's tokyo's nikkei average surged 2.8%. hong kong's hang seng is higher. and in london, the ftse opened sharply higher. the international monetary fund is boosting its growth forecast for the u.s. and global economy for the year. the ifm says the economy is recovering faster than expected. but warns that europe's financial turbulence, started by greek's debt crisis, could.
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americans are making progress, cleaning up their finances. borrowers missed fewer payments on credit cards and other loans over the first three months of the year. delinquency rates also fell for home equity loans and credit lines. it was the first time in two years that home equity line delinquencies have fallen. disney has ordered to pay $270 million to the creator of "who wants to be a millionaire." a found that the show did not get its profits. disney, the parent company of abc news, plans to appeal the decision. >> perhaps that is not the final answer there. when we come back, the latest on the oil spill in the gulf. and a boat trip goes all wrong in philadelphia. just how did dozens of people end up in the delaware river? stay with us. ( chirping, music )
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now, for a look at this morning's road conditions. flooded highways across east texas today, especially along i-10, from houston to san antonio. wet also into the mississippi valley and the great lakes. i-80 from chicago to detroit. and i-75 from indianapolis to st. louis. >> if you are flying today, expect airport delays in detroit, chicago, dallas and houston. the season's second tropical depression has fully formed this morning. poiszed and ready to pound the texas gulf coast by tonight. >> that's going to create even more headaches for crews trying to mop up the bp oil spill. john hendren joins us from washington with the details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. doesn't it seem like the news in the gulf of mexico just keeps getting worse? the second storm of the season is not expected to plow through the oil spill area. that would mean a toxic storm of sea and oil. first, alex. now, bonnie. the tropical depression in the
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gulf is expected to turn today into tropical storm bonnie. already stirring up six-foot waves and following the same path hurricane alex took just days ago, slamming the texas/mexico border. that means more delays for the oil cleanup effort, putting off the hookup of an oil selection vessel by three days. frustrated by months of oil rushing into the gulf, louisiana governor, bobby jindal, is accusing the federal government of dragging its feet. this time, over the rock barrier he wants to protect the coast. >> we know what needs to be done to restore our coast. >> reporter: but his critics this time include not just several branches of the federal government, but independent scientists, including members of an advisory panel, appointed by governor jindal. >> many of us are concerned that the weak spot that the warden will find will be the barrier islands on either side. >> reporter: and that, she says, would cause erosion and gaps in
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the barrier islands. that oil has caused shrimp prices to jump $2 a pound. and one restaurant is suing bp for the difference. >> i think we may not have seen the worst of it yet. >> reporter: for the cleanup effort, the worst could still come this hurricane season, which is still in its opening weeks. as bp's latest plans to shut down that leaking well come with the july 27th deadline. >> see if we can make that deadline. john hendren reporting from washington. two tourists from hungary are missing after two boats collided in the delaware river in philadelphia. police say the tour boat had broken down and wiz waiting for help when the accident happened. witnesses did what they could. >> completely under. we were horrified. we helped a few people up out of the water. and then, people -- authorities started to come on the scene.
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>> we saw several life preservers floating in the water. and we saw people trying to catch them. it was very scary. >> fire officials say crews won't attempt to recover the sunking boat until today at the earliest. federal investigators will be on the scene, trying to figure out what led to the accident. federal prosecutors say a plot to set off bombs in the new york subway system was part of a larger conspiracy. one of the fbi's most-wanted terrorists is now named in the case. and officials say they arrested three al qaeda members in a bomb plot linked to the conspiracy. now, to the arrest of a serial killer nicknamed the grim sleeper. los angeles investigators used a unique and controversial dna matching program to track down the suspect, who has been wanted for decades. brad wheelis reports from los angeles. >> reporter: the man dubbed grim sleeper because he took a 14-year break between killings
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is now in a los angeles jail. >> i said he caught him. they caught who? >> reporter: loni david franklin jr. is suspected of killing 11 people in los angeles, since 1985, making him the longest operating serial killer west of the mississippi. he was thought to have operated only in the 1980s until he struck again in 2002, 2003 and 2007. >> i don't harbor know feelings. after this length of time, it's taken out of me, the hate. >> reporter: franklin was arrested wednesday morning at his home in los angeles. he worked as a mechanic, ironically enough, at an l.a. police station. neighbors say he would sometimes stop to chat with passersby. >> he would just go. he was like a regular person that you would know from the area. >> reporter: his victims were shot, strangled or both. usually after some kind of sexual contact. and they were almost entirely black women from working-class neighborhoods. to finally catch him, police used a unique dna tool called a
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familial search. in this case, police say the grim sleeper left dna at crime scenes. he was too young to have committed some of the murders. so, detectives then turned to his father, 57-year-old loni david franklin jr. >> the district attorney's office is filing multiple counts, i believe at this time, ten counts of murder. one count of attempted murder. >> reporter: brad wheelis, abc news, los angeles. >> hopefully gives those families some closure after so much time. >> uh-huh. all right. tonight is the night. it is finally here. lebron james will make the big announcement. >> maybe you heard something about this. you can see his announcement. where he is going to call home next season? it starts at 9:00 eastern on espn. as far last night's baseball, here is mike yam over at espn news. >> good morning. we start on the diamond, where we had an offensive display of power. adam dunn and the nationals,
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taking on the padres. bottom one, tied at 1 -1. washington, all of a sudden, up 4-1. bottom three, adam dunn, like deja vu. his second home run of the game. for him, his 26th multihome run game of his career. and it's something he's never done before. hit three home runs in one game. he was three for four, with five rbis. the nationals, they needed every, single one of these rbis. they go on to win this thing, 7-6. adam dunn putting on a show. the rockies doing the same for their fans. dexter fowler. a three-run shot. he ties the game at 7-7. bottom nine now. chris iannetta. trying to be the hero. and he does just that. a solo shot. his third career walkoff job. rockies go on to win this thing, 8-7, the final score.
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and something we don't get to see every day. twins and blue jays. jose batista in the fifth inning. left center field, off kevin slowy. oh, boy. the ball gets by them. batista, hustling around. it's a two-run, inside-the-park home run. the blue jayce go on to win, 6-5. that will do it for sports. back to you in new york. an experiment airplane has soared into history without a drop of fuel. the solar impulse spent a record 24 hours in flight, powered solely by the sun. >> it landed in switzerland from the same airfield it took off from yesterday. the team is hoping an improved version of the plane could one day circle the globe. >> unbelievable. >> very impressive. up next, the stories we'll be following today, including
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try the first great-tasting, zero-calorie... natural sweetener borne from the leaves of the stevia plant. truvía. honestly sweet. find it at your grocery store. welcome back. now, a look ahead to the stories we're going to be watching on this thursday. a deal to swap suspected russian spies for american agents held in russia, could be completed today. details are being worked out in
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high-level talks between the two countries. the obama administration takes on the oil drilling industry today in federal court. the white house is pushing to reinstate a six-month suspension on deepwater oil drilling in the gulf of mexico, while investigators look into the bp blowout. oil drillers argue the ban is arbitrary. president obama heads to missouri today. he will talk about the economy as he visits an electric vehicle manufacturer in kansas city. and the president is attending a fund-raiser for democratic candidate carnahan. israel's prime minister discusses policy today in new york. easterners hoping for some relief from the brutal heat wave today will have to wait a little bit longer. forecasters say temperatures will dip a bit. but humidity is going up. as we mentioned, it is decision day for lebron james. the most closely-watched nba free agent drama in league history comes to an end tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> finally. for some of you, your local
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king james goes to a new york suburb to announce where he's going to be working next year. espn is reporting, lebron has made his decision. to get kids off the streets and out of trouble, the city plans on keeping rec center open longer. triple digits, are you ready for today? the temperatures lower, but are you even going to notice it? not like "ooh, it's 98." >> did you see the water fountain? >> all the kids jumping in the pool looks so nice. >> thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> i can find you all over my tv when there's 18,000 inches out there. where were you when you were
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hibernating? >> if you can find a way to hibernate and stay out of this stuff, i highly recommend it. at least we're starting to break the heat wave. lynette is saying the heat wave's over, all relative. i think it'll end in october. three days in a row of 100-degree temperatures. five days of 100 in 1988. usually it takes every three to four years, we get one century mark on our thermometers. today, less heat, more humid, we start introducing more clouds and the chance of showers and thunderstorms to help out somewhat. a look at this yesterday, 101 in baltimore towards pax river. 93 ocean city. temperatures now down to 80. 69


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